Welcome to My G15 Mods

My G15 project.

If you are not comfortable using cutting tools then stop here.

Before continuing please read this page for disassembly instructions.

If you want to change the leds in your G15 keyboard and you have no regard for its warranty then read on.

I will have more pics to go on this page after i complete the next keyboard.



After disassembling the keyboard you should have something like this.

As you can see there are 4 zones i have marked out in green.

From left to right they are Numpad, Arrow keys (including the keys above them), main keyboard keys followed by the G-Keys.

Care should be taken when marking out the lines not to cross any of the keys as this will result in color bleeding.

Also note the second line is not a straight line, it has a right angle at the top.

Once you have marked out the lines as shown above, you need to remove the light panel by removing the chrome screws.

Now it is time to cut the light panel. It is up to you how you go about this.

I would NOT recommend attempting to Score&Snap it. I tried and it did not Snap, it just bent.

I used a Dremal style tool with a Milling bit. It worked for me, however it is up to you how you go about this.

The only thing to remember is the cut needs to be about 3-4mm wide.

After cutting, you need to make sure there are no jiggered edges.

Now it is time to screw the panels back in.

Start with one of the end panels by screwing it into place.

Then place some thin foam strip against the cut edge. This foam strip should be approx 2mm thicker than the light panel itself.

Then continue the same for the other boards.

You should end up with something like this.

The idea is to use the foam strips to stop the light from Bleeding from one section to the next.

The picture above shows the Leds also.

The number of leds per section is as follows.

Numpad -2 Leds

Arrow Keys-1 Led

G-Keys-1 Led

Main Keys-7 Leds