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[Haunted Echoes]
Plot:Guy and Laura have recently suffered a parent's worst nightmare: their eight-year-old daughter Kimberly was abducted from her bedroom and murdered. They move to a charming old house in need of repair, hoping the project will alleviate their pain but they soon find themselves haunted by a young female spirit; is it their daughter or another entity using the grieving couple for its own sinister purposes?

Cast:David Starzyk, M. Emmet Walsh.

My Thoughts:Haunted boredom!

Review:"Haunted Echoes" is like one of those bad movies of the week. The film is the latest ghost movie to hit dvd, and these films are weekly or bi-weekly. Every week or other week, some nameless supernatural ghost flick, with the production values of a porno film, hits home disc. And some people rent or buy it out of curiosity. They're tremendously disappointed, and then the cycle repeats itself a week or so later.

"Haunted Echoes", is the latest in those tremendous disappointments. The film follows a couple who lose their daughter after a child killer murders her late one night. To try and put it all behind them, they move to a new home. A home which has a bad history, and seems to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl, who may or may not be their deceased daughter. Cliches are rank in this film, like the couple that are trying to put a terrible tragedy behind them, who just so happen to move into a house that's haunted.

I mean you couldn't script this thing more cliche than this. The ghost by the way, despite being described as an intrical part of the films story, is more like a guest star in this picture. She pops up from time to time, whispering in the dark, or appearing as mist. None of which are scary. I mean if these people want to know what a scary ghost girl looks like, they should see "Dark Water", the original asian horror film. Now that was a scary undead little girl.

This movie seems to be very enamored with doing the "Paranormal Activity" thing. Using a low budget, and very "handcam"-esque camera work, to try and make the film scarier. And this worries me, that this new generation of indie horror films are gonna try and copy everything "PA" did. That was a special movie, and one of those rare homeruns where simple filming techniques, and a scary story drummed up big time cash and word-of-mouth. Just like "Saw" was lucky enough to develop into a big cash-maker for Lionsgate.

That doesn't mean the recipe can be duplicated 3 trillion times successfully. "Haunted Echoes" is one of what is sure to be thousands of horror films, involving ghosts, evil, spirits, or nefarious spectres, that will hit dvd in the future, with the same idea in mind. "Lets do what the Paranormal Activity guys did!" I really wish it was more complicated than that, but it's not. And neither is this film. "Haunted Echoes" offers up annoying characters, despite them not being teenagers, a lame as hell ghost, and the age old story of modern day suburbia hiding freaks and weirdoes beneath it's glistening exterior.

The films use of child murdering, and pedophilia also make the picture very uncomfortable to watch. When you mix that with a boring script, and a hapless storyline, well, it's a recipe for a 97 minute disaster. However, this film does have a small silver lining. There's a little girl in the film who is the pictures source of humor. She's a wiscracker, and sassy at the same time. She reminds one of those kids in sitcoms who always use adult language that appauls and shocks adults, and language which their parents always have to end up apologizing to someone for. She was this films only positive element.

Maybe if the other characters were as well-developed as she was, this movie wouldn't have sucked so badly. "Haunted Echoes" fails to deliver on pretty much every level imaginable. If you're looking for chills, thrills, and scares, you'd have a better chances of finding them in your own home basement, instead of this movie.

Positives:The smart-mouthed bratty kid. Made me laugh more than a few times.

Negatives:Everything else. The story, other characters, and the ghost were all flat and boring and extremely uneffective.

Overall:One star out of four.

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