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[Pulse 3]
Plot:It is now seven years later and the survivors on Earth have settled into a primitive lifestyle completely void of electronics. The clusters of human survivors live together in refugee camps as the phantoms have taken over the cities. Justine is now a teenager and she escapes to the city to try and make a life for herself where she is not a drain on her adopted family (her parents both became phantoms in part one). She heads in to the city at the urging of Adam, a seeming survivor in the city that lures her with promises of understanding and friendship.

Cast:Jamie Bamber, Rider Strong, Noureen Dewulf, Laura Cayouette, Georgina Rylance.

My Thoughts:Better than "Pulse 2".

Review:"Pulse 3" is the third installment of the "Pulse" series that began in 2006 with the remake of "Kairo", and then was followed up this year with an earlier DVD release of "Pulse 2:Afterlife", one of the worst sequels ever. "Pulse 3" manages to rectify all the cinematic disgrace that part two spewed out for 90 excruciating minutes, but I still don't see why this series needed continuing unless it was gonna go into cinemas.

"Pulse 3" has the little girl from two now all grown up into a teenager, and she lives in a sort of amish community, where there's no internet, computers, blackberry's, etc. And the teachers even teach the kids that computers and the wi-fi are the work of the devil and will bring sin amongst them, seriously. Of course Justine gets sick of this schtick, so she decides to bail out on the "new society", mostly because her foster parents aren't people she's very fond of, and when she witnesses a man getting stabbed for stealing food, she worries about what she will become if she stays.

Before she leaves however, she manages to make contact with a boy named Adam (Rider Strong), who himself a few years earlier...lost someone he loved to "the wifi plague". Adam piques her interest, so she decides to journey to see him. But the question is, is Adam a real person, or is he one of "them"? "Pulse 3" is not a terrific movie, but it's worth seeing once mostly because it makes a few adjustments from part two. These adjustments make it a much better movie overall.

The characters are alot more interesting and beyond one-dimensional, there aren't any scenes where someone does something you know will get them killed which gives you a migraine because the stupidity factor is so high. And the story is alot crisper and well-rounded this time around. A few familiar faces from part two show up in 3 as well, connecting the story back to the events which occured and were left unsettled in "Afterlife".

Rider Strong gives a pretty good performance as Adam, a very complicated character who makes you go through a varying ranges of emotions when you see his character at the start of the movie, and then again later on in the film. But what "Pulse 3" delivers better than "Afterlife" is action. This movie introduces alot more characters than part two did, which set up new situations, which lead to new plot twists, that create some very much-needed drama and suspense in the movie.

Which all come as a result of the way the story unfolds with Justine taking on her journey to see Adam, who she communicates with using a low-on-juice laptop as she travels to him. During the journey, she meets a few people who turn out to be friend in some cases, foe in others, and in some cases are both...just at different points in time. Eventually Justine's journey does lead her to Adam, but not before she's really put through the ringer emotionally and physically.

There's also an interesting subplot waiting in the wings with someone having discovered a way to stop the phantoms and send them back to where they came from. But the end result of the plan might eclipse the current situation of a world overrun with the undead as far as worst case scenario's are concerned. As usual in this series, part three offers up no large amounts of blood, gore, mutilations, etc. Although there is a suicide scene which I should make note of.

It's not as graphic as the deleted suicide in "Pulse", but close enough. The ending of the film is a pretty clever twist on past and present events of occurance, and is a very well-written conclusion compared to the terrible finale of part two. "Pulse 3" is a pretty good third installment to a series that is debateable as to whether or not it should even have two DVD sequels. It's worth seeing, and should take out some of the bad taste from some peoples mouths, left behind by "Afterlife".

Positives:Good performances by the leads male and female, a good story, a few shocking moments, some clever twists, and a manageable level of entertainment value.

Negatives:Nothing major.

Overall:Three out of four stars.

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