Plot:The sheriff of a small town in Pueblo New Mexico discovers an organic lifeform at the site of a recent crash. Soon after animals and plants begin to die, and people begin to disappear.

Cast: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Luke Goss, Charles Q. Murphy, Tonantzin Carmelo, Beau Garrett, M.C. Gainey, Russell Means, Miranda Bailey, Chris Andrew Ciulla.

My Thoughts:Monster attacks reservation, film at 11.

Review::"Unearthed" is another flick that made it into After Dark 2007 and I'm sure after it was all over people wondered how exactly the hell it was added to the lineup over a film like "Frontieres" which has gotten positive reviews up and down the board. "Unearthed" stars Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw 2) as a small town sheriff who has to deal with the repercussions of a recent crash which has released a deadly lifeform that is affecting everything in the area negatively. Oh...and then there's that nasty little habit it has of killing people.

Vaugier's characters backstory also has her doubling as the town drunk, and this conflicts with her work as sheriff as the townspeople blame her for a past accident and don't think she's their man or woman, for the job any longer. Of course then again, it could be the fact that she lives in New Mexico which drives her to drink, but we'll never know. Soon after the crash, some random people show up near the crash site gas station for various reasons but we know they are all just fodder for the carnivourous monster which is soon to find it's way to their location. We know this for two reasons, one...they all are kept in one place for a duration of the film, and two...their characters are so under-developed it's criminal.

The monster itself is a pretty sweet looking best though. When shown in full view, it is indeed a very scary and grotesque looking creation. The big issue with this movie though is that it mimics "The Relic" far too much in story and the creatures backstory. Not to mention the under-developed characters, and the lack of any serious blood or gore scenes. Granted, I can appreciate a smart horror film which doesn't relie on sheer brutality to sell itself as much as the enxt horror fan can, but if you're gonna make a B-level monster movie, then MAKE A B-LEVEL MONSTER MOVIE!

I was waiting for like decades for this thing to crank the tempo up to the max and make with the death, chaos, and bloodshed. Only to get little glimpses of it here and there, mostly because the body count is quite low, the death scenes are filmed terribly, and there's this annoying little flash effect added to every kill. An effect which in it's annoyance factor...is leaps and bounds above video game footage being intercut into Uwe's "House Of The Dead". Vaugier and her character look extremely bored int his film as well.

Usually when I watch her in a film, even "House Of The Dead 2"...she seems to be enjoying getting immersed in her role. But in this movie, she might as well have been wearing a sign that read "Get me out of here" because she looked extremely uninterested the whole time. Luke Goss (Blade 2) makes an appearance as an unbalanced stalker type who as usual with movies like this, knows exactly what the monster is and what it wants.

However, he's no help to anyone really as people still continue to drop like flies even after he shows up. "Unearthed" keeps the action in one location for most of the film, and runs around and around in circles until it finally decides to deliver a mildly exciting finale on a darkened road in the middle of nowhere. "Unearthed" is one of those movies where you don't really care what happens next 15 minutes in, which is not a good sign. It's that boring and uninspiring. Other than a sweet looking monster which does not get the focus that it deserves, this film has absolutely nothing going for it.

Positives:The monster looked very cool.

Negatives:The monster was severely underused, the plot was lame, the characters boring and uninspiring, as was the acting. And the entertainment value overall hovered at around 1 and -1 the entire time.

Overall:Just not worth the 90 minutes.

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