Plot:Mackenzie Carpenter, a gorgeous 17-year-old girl who would kick your ass for saying so, thinks her biggest problem is dying of boredom in the bucolic wasteland of Orange County...that is until her classmates start dying of massive blood loss and Horny The Clown begins madly stalking her with cryptic messages hidden in 70's kitsch toys. It isn't until Mac discovers her unbelievable connection to Horny and his victims that she realizes, if she's gonna live to see 18, she must come face to face with the killer clown in the bloodiest week Blanca Carne, California has ever known.

Cast: Leighton Meester, Nick D'Agosto, Van De La Plante, Larry Joe Campbell, Lola Glaudini, Paul Ganus, Sita Young, Morgan Spurlock.

My Thoughts: Very creative slasher movie.

Review:For someone like me slasher movies don't really cut it anymore, for the most part. Mainly because most slasher movies these days are all the same, or just rehash old ideas which have been rehashed like a thousand times before. "Drive-Thru" however has finally breathed some new life into the slasher movie genre, but who would've ever thought it would've come from a movie about a fast-food mascot hacking teens up with a meat cleaver?? Leighton Meester plays Mackenzie Carpenter, a rebellious Southern California teen who despite her very upscale Orange County lifestyle, chooses to stay grounded, and surrounds herself with people with similar ideals. After 4 kids are found butchered in a car outside of the local fastfood joint "Hella-Burger" (One of the films best and funniest scenes), Mackenzie begins receiving weird cryptic threats and predictions in the oddest fashion. Could they be from the same person who previously killed the four teens? The thing to like about "Drive-Thru" the most is that it's not one of those slasher movies where some mysterious person off camera kills a bunch of people and we have to wait until later to see them, or find out what they look like. The film from the opening scene thrusts it's killer "Horny the Clown" (no I'm not kidding that's his real name) right out into the open for the audience to see, as he makes short, gruesome work of two suburban gangsters when they enter Hella Burger looking for a fight after they get dissed while putting their order in at the drive-thru machine. Horny is the best part of the film, and really is probably the best slasher movie villain I've seen in quite some time. He boasts a cool clown outfit which is not the big floppy-shoed and ruffles look you'd expect, but instead a sleeker and more compact look. He also sports a very menacing clown mask which not only looks like....but also sounds like a talking drive-thru machine head when he speaks. I have to give a ton of credit to director/writer Brendan Cowles for coming up with such a creepy yet cool and original look for the villain. If that isn't enough, what makes Horny so deadly other than the fact that he's extremely agile and quick on his feet....is the midevilesque-modified meat cleaver that he weilds with dangerous precision. The films script is also very solid, and it lays out it's questions and characters very efficiently. The who's, what's when's, where's, and why's are all put in front of the viewer and answered one by one as the film goes on. Cowles and co-writer Shane Kuhn put forth a script that's simple, yet effective, and complex yet easy to understand. Without any huge plotholes or off-track sub-stories which just serve to jumble everything up into one big mess. The films biggest question of all though is why is Horny killing these kids, and despite taking out victims left and right...why is he so seemingly obsessed with Mackenzie, who he constantly sends ominous and sometimes chuckleworthy messages to in everything from an etch-a-sketch, to a magic 8-ball, to even a gumball machine. In fact the film builds up Leighton's character as a very likeable and witty chick and Horny as a very malicious and formidable foe. So you really look forward to the moment when the two finally come face to face, which comes pretty early on in the film actually, and it's definitely one of the movies best scenes. The deaths themselves are pretty gruesome, albeit not really that original. Horny takes the liberty of just laying into people with his cleaver, chopping them to bits for the most part, although he does change up his style a bit when he eliminates three victims....one with a giant oven, one by throwing his cleaver at them, and another with a quick strike which results in a death similar to that of Rory from "Final Destination 2". Although Horny isn't just a psycho killer...he certainly has a method to his madness which is revisited and revealed later in very stylish 80's fashion. "Drive-Thru" also does an excellent job of providing a few red-herrings for potentially being the killer such as Mackenzie's sometimes odd boyfriend, the owner of Hella-Burger, and a very weird Janitor..and along with it's blood, guts, teen-sex-com-stoneresque approach to horror, "Drive-Thru" also manages to mix in some socio-political commentary which works really well within the films excellently written and acted out dialogue. Before it's all said and done, Cowles hits us with a pretty cool ending which doesn't come as much of a shock but still manages to be likeable and quite funny. "Drive-Thru" is definitely a slasher movie I'd recommend any horror fan to check out.

Positives:Great performances by Leighton Meester as Mackenzie Carpenter and Van De La Plante and Horny The Clown. A solid script, nice death scenes with lots of blood, and mostly likeable characters.

Negatives: Nothing major.

Overall:See "Drive-Thru"!

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