Biodiversity in IA toolkit

Convention on Biological Diversity

Article 14

Introduce appropriate procedures requiring environmental impact assessment of the proposed projects that are likely to have significant adverse effect on biological diversity with a view to avoiding or minimizing such effects and, where appropriate, allow for public participation in such procedures.

Implications of this are as follows:

Article 14b

Introduce appropriate arrangements to ensure that the environmental consequences of the programmes and policies that are likely to have significant adverse impacts on biodiversity are duly taken into account.

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Article 14c

Promote consultation on activities that are likely to significantly affect adversely the biodiversity of areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction, by encouraging the conclusion of bilateral, regional or multilateral arrangements, as appropriate

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Article 14d

In the case of imminent or grave danger or damage to diversity in areas beyond the limits of natural jurisdiction, notify immediately the potentially affected states of such danger or damage, as well as initiate action to prevent or minimize such danger or damage.

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Article 14e

Promote national arrangements for emerging responses to activities or events, whether caused naturally or otherwise, which prevent a grave and imminent danger to biological diversity and encourage international co-operation to supplement such national efforts and, where appropriate and agreed by the State or regional economic integration organization concerned, to establish joint contingency plans.

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Article 14f

The Conference of the Parties (COP) shall examine, on the basis of studies to be carried out, the issue of liability and redress, including restoration and compensation, for damage to biological diversity, except where such liability is a pure internal matter.

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