Capacity-Building for Biodiversity in Impact Assessment

This section of the site details the outputs from the CBBIA-IAIA project. Documents are available free for downloading, and can be found either by searching these lists by document type, or searching for country-by-country output.

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Training Manuals / guidance

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Southern Africa


South and Southeast Asia
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Impact Assessment

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CBBIA participants contributed case studies to development of the CBD voluntary guidelines on biodiversity-inclusive impact assessment. The guidance and case studies are available for download from the CBD website:; document number 44.

The CBD Executive Secretary requested information and examples relating to incorporation of impact assessment processes in protected areas (Decision VII/28; goal 1.5) taking into account the ecoystem approach (as developed by the CBD under decisions V/6 and VII/11). CBBIA submitted its Protected Area Project Summary Report to the CBD in response to this request.

SEA guidance

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Conference presentations

2004 | 2005 | 2006
South Africa 2004

Author unknown. Provision for SEA in South Africa's Policies, Legislation and Programmes. pdf 0.2Mb

Treweek, J. SEA and biodiversity: IAIAsa '04. pdf 1.8Mb

Treweek, J., Therivel, R., Byron, H. and Thompson, S. CBBIA guidance on SEA and biodiversity. pdf 0.4Mb

Treweek, J. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment, IAIAsa '04. pdf 1.9Mb

Treweek, J. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment, IAIAsa October 2004. pdf 13.7Mb


Vancouver 2004

(Anon.) Existing Guidance on Biodiversity and Impact Assessment [in Sri Lanka]. pdf 0.08Mb

(Anon.) EIA in Sri Lanka. pdf 0.1Mb

Albayrak, A. Biodiversity of Turkey (notes accompanying slides). pdf 0.16Mb

Albayrak, A. Key stages of the Turkish EIA process. pdf 0.06Mb

Albayrak, A. Content of the Turkish EIA study. pdf 0.04Mb

Albayrak, A. Requirements for improving the Turkish EIA system. pdf 0.02Mb

Albayrak, A. Biodiversity and EIA linkages in Turkey. pdf 0.6Mb

Al-Gunied, H. Integration of Biodiversity Considerations into Environmental Impact Assessment Process In The Republic of Yemen. pdf 0.2Mb

Al-Gunied, H. Capacity Building Project: The Integration of Biodiversity Considerations into EIA Process. pdf 0.4Mb

Allotey, J. Status of Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Ghana. pdf 0.1Mb

Amoyaw-Osei, Y., Fellows, H. Examples of biodiversity IA issues in Ghana. pdf 0.1Mb

Boulejiouch, Renforcement des Capacités Biodiversité et Etudes d'Impacts Réunion du 24-25 Avril 2004 [in French only]. pdf 3.3Mb

Brownlie, S. South Africa: Needs for capacity building, support, advice, guidance. pdf 1.5Mb

Brownlie, S. Biodiversity & IA in South Africa: key issues. pdf 3.2Mb

Castillo, C.C. (notes accompanying slides in following presentation). pdf 0.05Mb

Castillo, C.C. Environmental Impact Assessment and Biodiversity in Venezuela. pdf 0.08Mb

Issa, A.S. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Eastern Africa. pdf 0.2Mb

(Ministry of the Environment, Lebanon) Biodiversity & Impact Assessment in Lebanon: current situation. pdf 1.3Mb

(Ministry of the Environment, Lebanon) Biodiversity & Impact Assessment in Lebanon: needs. pdf 0.6Mb

Nafti, R. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Tunisie. pdf 0.4Mb

Naicker, I. Capacity Building for Biodiversity Impact Assessment (CBBIA) in a "Mega-diverse" region. pdf 0.2Mb

Olivier, E. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment on a Local Authority level. South African perspective: Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. pdf 3.5Mb

Olivier, E. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment on a Local Authority level. South African perspective: Local Authority. pdf 0.5Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Capacity building for biodiversity and Impact Assessment: needs in India. pdf 0.4Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Status of biodiversity and impact assessment in India. pdf 1.5Mb

Aguilar Rojas, G. Central America Guidelines for EIA. pdf 2.5Mb

Aguilar Rojas, G. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Central America. pdf 0.9Mb

Castro-Salazar, M. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assesment: Costa Rica and Central America. pdf 2.2Mb

Castro-Salazar, M. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment: The Costa Rican experience policy and legistation. pdf 0.5Mb

Sattar, N. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Asian Countries (presentation B). pdf 3.2Mb

Sattar, N. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Asian Countries (presentation A). pdf 1.9Mb

Uprety, B.K. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Nepal: issues, strengths and weaknesses. pdf 0.7Mb


Boston 2005

Castro-Salazar, M. A procedure to evaluate impacts produced by the development of infrastructure in and around Protected Areas. pdf 1.5Mb

Ekhassa, B. Impacts d'une décennie des guerres sur la biodiversité dans les aires protégées en RDC [A decade of impacts of war on the protected areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo] (in French only). pdf 3.5Mb

Emerton, L. Economic tools and techniques for valuing biodiversity. pdf 3.1Mb

Kolhoff, A., Slootweg, R., Verheem, R. and Höft, R. CBD Guidelines on biodiversity in EIA & SEA. pdf 2.3Mb

The draft guidelines referred to in this file are reproduced below:

Sattar, N., Saeed, A. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment, Asia: Tentative Workplan. pdf 0.65Mb

Shrestha, S. Preparation of Environmental Guidelines for Development Activities In and Around PAs. pdf 17.3Mb

Sylavong, L. Monitoring of Infrastructure Impacts on Biodiversity: Nam Ha National Protected Area. pdf 0.3Mb

Treweek, J. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment. pdf 13Mb

Tucker, G. Impact Assessment as a tool for regulating activities in and around protected areas for the benefit of biodiversity. pdf 0.04Mb

Uprety, B.K. Erosion of ethics: a case of hydropower EIA reports in Nepal. pdf 0.1Mb

Uprety, B.K. From Vancouver to Boston: Integrating Biodiversity into Impact Assessment in Nepal. pdf 4.5Mb

Willemse, N. Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment, Southern Africa. pdf 0.2Mb


Prague 2005

Brownlie, S. SEA and biodiversity - delivering the Millennium Development Goals. pdf 0.05Mb

Garcia, K.C., La Rovere, E.L. Inclusion of Environmental Risk Assessment within Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), as a way to ensure the biodiversity conservation in Brazilian oil and gas Exploration & Production (E&P) offshore areas. pdf 0.6Mb

Zahedi, K. SEA Practice and Biodiversity. pdf 0.9Mb

Le Maitre, D. Millennium Development Goals and SEA. pdf 0.1Mb

Mathur, V., Rajvanshi, A. Integrating biodiversity considerations in SEA of an irrigation project in Central India. pdf 1.0Mb

Olivier, E. Possible Methods of Entrenching Biodiversity Principles into all aspects of the Ekurhuleni Integrated Development Plan (IDP). pdf 3.4Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Strategic Environmental Assessment of the India Ecodevelopment Project: A review of prospects and challenges for biodiversity conservation. pdf 0.4Mb

Muhamad, S. SEA and Implementation of the Shell Biodiversity Strategy: Opportunities and Challenges. pdf 0.2Mb

Session summary: Planning for biodiversity and development: SEA as a tool (Jo Treweek). pdf 79Kb

Session summary: Planning for Biodiversity and development: SEA as a tool (Martin Slater). pdf 76Kb


Stavanger 2006

Davidson, N. The Ramsar Convention and Impact Assessment. pdf 1.8Mb

Höft, R. Impact Assessment as a Tool for Biodiversity ... the global agenda. pdf 4.5Mb

Iftikhar, U.A. Incorporating Economic Concerns into Environmental Assessments. pdf 1.8Mb

Mathur, V.B. Policy and Key Legislative Instruments for EIA and SEA. pdf 1.1Mb

Mathur, V.B. Developing biodiversity offsets for promoting 'no net loss' impacts and positive gains for biodiversity: Case studies from around the world. pdf 5.5Mb

Mathur, V.B. Development of Best Practice Guidance Tools: Initiatives in India. pdf 5Mb

Rajvanshi, A., Mathur, V.B. and Treweek, J. Introduction to training course. pdf 3.1Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Framework for biodiversity inclusive impact assessment. pdf 0.5Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Methodologies for ecological baselines and prediction of impacts on biodiversity resources. pdf 1.4Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Approaches to mitigation of biodiversity related impacts. 6.7pdf Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Evaluation of irrigation tunnel project through Pench Tiger Reserve in India. Case study of the application of the precautionary principle to biodiversity conservation. pdf 7.2Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Reconciling conservation and development...: The concept of biodiversity offsets. pdf 4.5Mb

Rajvanshi, A. Global best practices guidance for positive planning for biodiversity. pdf 5Mb

Treweek, J. Biodiversity-inclusive Impact Assessment: going from project to strategic level. pdf 0.3Mb

Treweek, J. Impact Assessment and biodiversity: an international overview. pdf 0.1Mb


Jersey 2006

Treweek, J. Biodiversity and Impact Assessment in Small Island Developing States. pdf 7.5Mb


Seoul 2007

Presentations from the workshop run at this conference can be found on the Forest Trends website, this workshop being run together with BBOP. Pictures from the workshop are available through the following link: <>.